At Eduardo's, you will always find a friendly face. Our privilege is not just in serving good food; it's in sharing good vibes, spreading joy, and leaving a positive impact.

Come with us to follow our journey! We show you how we bowl!

What was once a modest spot for islanders and visitors to indulge in refreshing delights has transformed into a vibrant enterprise. Eduardo’s Beach Shack is no longer just a place; it’s a feeling—a feeling of camaraderie and genuine hospitality. With multiple locations gracing the island, our mission has expanded. We aspire not just to serve food but to make a positive difference, one delicious bite at a time.

Embracing Our Roots

Humble beginnings…
The Heartwarming Tale of Eduardo’s Beach Shack

In the heart of our story lies a charming beginning, rooted in love and a shared vision. It all began in 2007 when Mum & Pa, driven by a deep passion for health and refreshment, took a courageous leap of faith. They opened a humble smoothie shack on the beach, not just to serve drinks but to offer the island's guests a taste of wholesome goodness.

From the very start, this small shack became more than just a company—it became a haven of warmth and kindness. With every cup they served, Mum & Pa poured their hearts into their craft. Customers soon transformed into loyal fans, enchanted not just by the flavors but by the genuine care that permeated every taste. Even the children, Nikita, Bailey, and Tye, joined in the family venture, infusing their youthful energy and creativity into the company.

Michelle and Eduardo, the pillars of this beachside haven, radiated compassion and love, welcoming guests from all walks of life. Their love for the island, as deep and sweet as the acai bowls they served, became the soul of the shack. As time passed, the family company blossomed, evolving from a beach shack into a thriving brand.

We believe in making an impact ♡ 

How it started

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