Frequently Asked Questions


Are you able to accomodate someone with a nut allergy?

Yes, we can accomodate. We have nut free granola and if alerting an allergy we can make the bowl by changing gloves and station. These steps will take more time to make order as peanut butter is used frequently in house.


Do you make the floating breakfast?

Yes, we do! Please go here and fill in the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. All floating breakfasts start at $140,-.


Is your vegan pastechi gluten free?

No, our pastechi is not gluten free but we have gluten-free treats available at the display case. 


Is your ground coffee/are your coffee beans for sale?

No, unfortunately our ground coffee/coffee beans are not for sale as of yet. 


I have an offer regarding a new product. Who can I contact?

We’re excited to hear about your product. Please get in touch with Tye Pablo, our warehouse and production manager. 


We’d like to organize a birthday/baby shower/celebratory dinner at Hideaway. Is that possible?

Sure thing! Please call +297 5929551 and make a reservation. You will have to indicate how many guests it will be and if you have a preference seating arrangement inside or outside. Minimal decorations are allowed, but should be placed by guests prior to the gathering and cannot disturb other guests. 


Do you guys ship merchandise abroad?

No, unfortunately we do not. 


Do you guys ship protein balls abroad?

No. However we do provide frozen and sealed protein balls ready for travel. Please ask about these when you visit us on the island. 

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