For the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with some organizations we now call friends. These organizations share a common vision with Eduardo’s, whether it be spreading positivity, taking on new and exciting personal challenges, or protecting our furry friends. 

Learn a little more about how you can support them here:

Aqua windies

aruba animal shelter

zoe loefstok

Snoop doggy foundation

Aqua Windies

We're proud partners of Aqua Windies. Aqua Windies offers Scuba Diving, Aqua Fitness and swimming classes.

 Our Eduardo’s Reef location is also located at Aqua Windies, offering both the Eagle Beach and Hospital area with healthy food and drink options. 

Book a class or learn more about them here: 

book here

Aruba Animal Shelter

At Eduardo’s we believe in providing animals with a safe haven and giving them the opportunity of a forever home where they’re loved and cared for.

Our partnership with the Aruba Animal Shelter aims to educate the public on the importance of adoption and volunteer work to keep our furry friends safe and to make them feel loved. 

Donate to the shelter or learn more about them here:

donate here

Zoë Loefstok

Our friend Zoë is dedicated to bringing holistic wellness practices to the island rooted in awareness, movement, and breath.

She is embarking on a mission to create space for others to reconnect and remember their true nature, to plant seeds of awareness and embodiment, all while fostering and creating beautiful communities of like-minded souls. This includes yoga, kitesurfing, sound healing, meditation, moon rituals, cacao ceremonies, breathwork, lifestyle retreats and more!

We invite you to watch our collaboration with Zoë here:

You can also follow Beach Yoga Aruba @beachyogaaruba on Instagram, or Zoë personal account @zoeloefstok.

watch here

watch here

Snoop Doggy

The Snoop Doggy Foundation was established in July of 2023 with the mission to give pets in Aruba a better future.

Their goal is to educate children about the importance of proper care for pets. Snoop Doggy sees a future without street dogs and cats on the island, where the whole community is educated on how to properly care for their animals. 

At Eduardo’s we believe and share Snoop Doggy’s vision and we’re a proud sponsor of the educational booklet series about Snoop Doggy and his friends finding a new home.

Snoop Doggy works with sponsors and sells various items online and through flea markets on Aruba to generate funds to print the booklets and continue providing them to interested schools and parents around the island. 

You can visit Snoop Doggy’s website and learn more about them here: 

snoop doggy website

We believe in making an impact ♡ 

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